5 Best Apps to
Integrate with QuickBooks

January 3, 2020

If you are reading this, it is probably because you have already started using QuickBooks for your small to midsized business and want to get the most out of it that you can. For those who aren’t familiar with QuickBooks, it is an accounting software that helps organize and keep track of different projects and their associated revenues and expenses. You can use QuickBooks completely on its own, but you will get more out of it if you use it in conjunction with these 5 apps.

1) Insightly is a CRM app that helps manage and deliver projects, keep track of sales data and generate quotes, among other functions that facilitate customer relationships. It also offers Gmail and Outlook plugins, allowing for easier communication with individual customers, which helps keep track of broader QuickBooks data more efficiently.

2) TSheets is a mobile and web app that helps small to midsized business owners create employee schedules, keep track of timesheets and manage payroll. It also comes with a GPS system to track employees working remotely and in the office. QuickBooks tells you what projects need to be worked on and what the deadlines are, while TSheets keeps track of individual employee contributions to each of these projects, allowing you to appropriately evaluate performances and allocate tasks.

3) Webgility keeps track of sales data, such as taxes and other associated fees, and automates this data into QuickBooks for easy integration. It also keeps track of inventory so you know the proper amount of resources and costs you can allocate to each project. 

4) Hubdoc. Hubdoc helps small to midsized business owners gather important financial documents and then syncs these documents with QuickBooks for easy integration. These documents can come in the form of bills, receipts, emails, etc. and can be imported from sources such as financial institutions, utility companies, online vendors and telecom providers. Whenever you open your QuickBooks account, your important financial data will be easy to find, and accountants will have a reliable support system to make their jobs easier.

5) Fathom. Fathom keeps track of present trends in the financial industry and how well individual businesses are performing, allowing owners to forecast future growth opportunities based on  the environment and current performance. With this app, you can choose from 50+ financial KPIs, as well as non-financial KPIs based on your current needs. You can even create and customize your own KPIs and define a formula for calculation. The app allows for easy monthly, quarterly and annual reporting with the option to  customize the reports based on which KPIs are most relevant. With these reports and industry trends at the ready, you can quickly act and assess your budget based on what you see happening in the future and the current strengths and weaknesses of your business relative to the industry.

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