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Tax and Accounting Services for Lawyers and Law Firms

We make legal billing and
accounting easy!

    We Make Legal Billing and Accounting Easy

    For many professionals, time is money, and attorneys are no exception. Whether you operate as a single practitioner or are a member of a partnership-based law firm, chances are good that you don’t have time to handle the tax and accounting aspects of your practice and keep your practice running smoothly. Our dedicated and experienced team of tax and accounting professionals specialize in tax and accounting services for law firms and lawyers. We offer a range of accounting and advisory services for established firms and business start-ups.

    Income fluctuations make cash-flow management a vital element of any law firm’s success. We help our clients create projections, manage accounts payable, and shorten the time to payment for accounts receivable.

    Law firms structure employment agreements with their lawyers in different ways. Some pay employees as contractors, while others hire most of their attorneys as regular, full-time employees. Some employment agreements may also involve bonuses or profit-sharing structures. Which setup makes the most sense for your firm depends on various factors, and it can change over time. A law-firm specialist accounting firm can help you make the best call for your business.

    Your income can fluctuate significantly yearly, making traditional investment and retirement planning challenging. Law firms need an accountant to help them create cash flow predictions that consider these fluctuations. We make it easier for our clients to set funds aside for long-term goals.

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    We take advantage of the newest technologies to reduce time devoted to the accounting function, allowing you to save on costs and to spend more time.

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